Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a file?

Skynet download links are available for sharing and download for 90 days after the file is initially uploaded.

Which Decoration Method Should I Choose?

Screen Printing

Also called silk screen printing, this is one of the most common methods of decoration. One screen has to be created for each colour, which is then used as stencils to layer colours together. Most custom clothing makes use of screen printing as the standard decoration method.

Perfect for simple designs. End products tend to be vivid, sharp, clean and are perfect for simple logos and designs with minimal (1-3) colours. This decoration method produces extremely high durability designs that are second only to embroidery.


Requires advanced equipment. Works like printer on paper, but on fabric. Produces a soft, consistent feel and highly suitable for complex, multi-coloured designs.

Perfect for photos and highly-complex artwork. The durability is less than screen printing and the design may wear slightly in time. Also works better on lighter fabric, as darker colours will fade out the visibility of the ink.

Dye Sublimation

Also ideal for highly-complex designs and artwork. This decoration method involves the use of heat-transfer paper to bind designs onto fabric. Produces the most vivid designs but the durability is lower than DTG printing.

Perfect for short-term use items and clothing. Works well on both light and dark fabric. This decoration method has the lowest durability but produces graphics as good as screen printing.


Slightly more expensive but creates beautiful, long-lasting designs through thousands of woven stitches directly on the fabric. Highly popular for gift items and clothing that will see long-term, repeated use.

Perfect for items that will be used repeatedly over time and are expected to last long-term. This decoration method produces designs with the highest durability, has high visibility, and feels the most premium out of all the decoration methods.